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Airbag Jackets

While nothing is fail-safe in life, equestrian airbag jackets may reduce the chances of serious injury in the case of a fall.   


The new Gen II Helite Airbag Vest can be worn alone - though a shell is recommended to protect it from dirt, sun and damage.  The earlier Gen I Airbag Vest, requires an outer shell to function.   All vests require a C02 cartridge which must be replaced when the vest inflates.

Each airbag jacket comes with a lanyard and clip that attaches to the saddle. If the rider becomes suddenly separated from their saddle, the clip will pull the airbag jacket and activate the inflatable air safety vest within the jacket.

Airbag Vests will NOT inflate if 1) horse and rider go down together and there is not enough distance between them to unclip the jacket from the saddle, 2) the rider falls off gently, and there is not enough force to unclip the jacket from the saddle, 3) the Airbag Zip-In Vest inflated in the past and the compressed air cartridge was not replaced, and 4) in the case of a malfunction.


Given shipping restrictions on articles with compressed air, KAVAL can only ship these items within the US and Canada.  And any purchase with a canister must travel by Ground Shipping (not Next Day Air).  For any questions, please contact CustomerCare@kaval.com.

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Please note: Compressed air canisters are considered flammable and so by law, must travel by Ground Shipping (not Next Day Air).

For the same reason, KAVAL cannot ship canisters outside of the Continental United States and Canada.

Please contact CustomerCare@kaval.com to make arrangements for airbag purchases outside the United States.