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Macrene Actives

Macrene Alexiades MD, PhD, FAAD :

"I have a large number of patients who ride. All of them have in common a phenomenon that I call equestrian skin. During time spent in stables, riders are exposed to hay and other airborne particulates characteristic of horses and their byproducts. The skin gradually becomes increasingly dry and roughened, accumulating coarse wrinkles that are very resistant to laser and injectable treatments. My successful approach has been to deliver active ingredients. Macrene Actives High Performance Face Cream, when applied twice a day, protects and nourishes the outer skin before and after riding exposure. Consistent use will not only prevent the development of Equestrian Skin but also improve your existing skin quality progressively over time, making it well hydrated, smoother and healthy."  - Dr. Macrene

With a BA, MD and PhD in Genetics from Harvard University, as well as a Fullbright in bioengineering and natural alternatives in agriculture, Dr Macrene Alexiades has remained a go-to dermatologist for high-profile clients for over two decades. Her award-winning formulations of highly active, plant-based skincare solutions are inspired by Nobel Prize-winning work on DNA repair molecules that restore skin from damage associated with signs of aging and skin cancer.  Thanks to a patented mix of sea and plant-derived actives delivered in MACRENE Actives, Dr. Macrene has taken the first step toward cosmetic procedures becoming obsolete.

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